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Himalaya Capital was founded by Mr. Li Lu in late 1997. We embrace the value investment principles of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Charles Munger, and primarily focus on investment opportunities in Asia and North America, both in publicly traded securities and privately held companies. We aim to achieve superior returns by investing in companies with substantial “economic moat” and great growth potential for the long term. For example, we have been a significant shareholder of BYD for more than 10 years. The principle investment partnership we manage is a continuation of a fund that has been in operation since January 1, 1998.


In our early days, we also have been actively invested in venture companies with disruptive technology and/or innovative business models. Today, we still do some venture investing from time to time. Examples of our early investments include: Capital IQ (now a division of Standard & Poor’s), Navic Networks, (now part of Microsoft’s integrated digital TV services), and Knovel (a leading technical information provider for engineers and scientists, now part of Reed Elsevier).



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