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Available Position: Equity Analyst (Seattle, WA)

An Equity Analyst is sought by Himalaya Capital Management LLC. to work in Seattle, WA and perform the following duties:

1.      Company Analysis:

Conduct in-depth research and analysis on portfolio companies and potential investment opportunities by understanding the economics and behaviors of new entrants, customers, suppliers, and competitive rivalries within an industry; summarize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a company; and study the fundamental business nature and operating details of a company with an owner mentality.


2.      Financial Modeling and Valuation:

Analyze financial statements; calculate ratios and metrics to understand profitability, capital return, interest coverage, liquidity, efficiency, and solvency of companies; predict future financial performance by incorporating information and judgments from industry and company analysis; and value public and private companies by utilizing comparable companies and transactions, discounted cash flow, and sum of the parts analysis.


3.      Industry Analysis:

Conduct in-depth research and analysis on promising industries and industries where portfolio companies do business in by studying economic and other factors that have influences on an industry; understand the dynamics of supply and demand within an industry; and read reports from various resources, conduct interviews with industry experts, collect data from databases and information terminals, and synthesize information from various resources for making investment judgment.


4.      External Communication:

Meet with company management and industry experts frequently.


5.      Industry Trends and News Monitoring:

Monitor the latest news and developments on the underlining companies in the portfolio and evaluate the impact on the companies using qualitative and quantitative methods; and pay close attention to macroeconomic policies, trends, moves, news of countries where portfolio companies and interested companies are located.


6.      Internal Report Preparation and Recommendation:

Document important information and valuable knowledge gained through industry and company analysis to form internal reports for the Portfolio Manager; and recommend potential investment opportunities with comprehensive analysis and solid supporting evidence.


7.      Security Performance Analysis

Monitor the significant stock return movement against the benchmark of the portfolio; and analyze the reasons behind the significant market discrepancies.


8.      Value Investing:

Apply value investing philosophy in everyday job and life; and continuously deepen the understanding of value investment principles and critical concepts.


Required Skills and Qualities:

1.      CFA or CPA license of Washington State;

2.      Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting;

3.      Minimum of four years’ professional experience in investment management, investment research, investment banking, or private equity;

4.      Strong and proven understanding of financial statements;

5.      Exceptional qualitative and quantitative analytical skills;

6.      Excellent oral and written communication skills, strong time management and organizational skills; and

7.      Proficient in MS Excel, Word, Capital IQ, Bloomberg, and Wind.


Please send your resume to:

Himalaya Capital Management LLC., Human Resource Department

1301 2nd Ave, Suite 2100, Seattle, WA 98101

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